FlexiPro 12 V3 + SOLID 22 MM PARQUET

FlexiPro 12 V3 is an advanced high-performance area elastic sports floor system, installed on leveled subfloor with a construction height of only 39mm, incl. 22mm floorboards.

The elastic properties of the floor system are secured by the resilient plywood subfloor which by means of continuous rubber strips in two thicknesses, placed in grooves on the backside, features progressive shock absorbency, executed by even low impact from e.g. children.

The sports functional characteristics feature high shock absorbency and resilience combined with great stability under foot and is ideal for multipurpose use with focus on ball games, badminton and gymnastics. A build-in deformation control secures ultimate loading capacity, also towards heavy materials while the resilience is preserved, also makes the floor suitable for theaters, stages etc.

Tested and comply with both EN 14904, Class A4 and FIBA 2020 Level 1 (FIBA License no.: WF73-06).

– 22x130mm solid hardwood floor boards
– Adhesive layer
– FlexiPRO 12 V3 subfloor system
– Moisture barrier
– Levelled concrete (alternatively existing wood or synthetic floors)


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