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Make Your Own Floor Design

- Choose the Logos, Text, Patterns, and Colors of Your Sports Floor

Want a unique flooring solution? With KTL’s portable flooring systems, you can customize your sports floor and get a sports floor that is perfectly suited to your needs. We are proud to be one of the only sports flooring providers to offer this solution.

Let Your Sports Floor Express Your Brand

There are countless options for expressing your brand through your design. Besides, your customized sports floor gives you the opportunity to:

Unique Features of Our Portable Sports Floors

Why choose a portable flooring solution? At KTL, we see a trend towards portable floors. The reason is that our portable floors feature all the same benefits as our fixed floors while at the same time giving you some unique benefits:

Get to Know Our Portable Flooring Solutions

The characteristics and performance of your sports floor is as important as your design. At KTL, we offer two different types of portable floors, each designed for specific venues (large arenas, multi-purpose halls, or studio usage) and with their own unique features. Read more about them here:

Top-quality portable floor with ultimate performance and loading capacity for large arenas and professional sports.

High-performance sports floors system designed for athletes in a wide range of sports.

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Technical information

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