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Unique Features of Our Sports Floors Designed for Large Arenas

Here, you can learn more about sports arena flooring and our sports floor solutions. All floors described on this page are designed for sports arena and excel in:



The wear and tear of sports events, exhibitions, and shows requires high durability standards. KTL arena sports floors are:

  • Constructed with solid 22mm floorboards covered with a 9 mm “wear layer” that allow for several sandings, leaving you with an extended lifespan of 50 years.

  • Designed to meet the humidity of your area, preventing cracks, shrinkage, and over-expansion.

  • Covered by a modern and extremely hardwearing 7-layers UV-coating system featuring 3 times higher abrasion strength vs traditional lacquers; hence we offer 10years warranty on the coating.

  • Made with finger jointed, glued stave joints, glued center joints with completely sealed floor surface, treated board ends and waxed edges, ensuring an exceptionally high resistance to water, cleaning products, and resin removers.


Loading Capacity

Seatings and stage-building at large events often impose heavy loads on a sports floor. All KTL arena sports floors have an exceptionally high loading capacity, perfectly suited for heavy equipment.


Furthermore, KTL floorboards come with tongue and groove along all four sides, leaving you with an extremely stabile floor. Our sports floors have a wide area of deformation, allowing a higher weight distribution and increased loading capacity.


All KTL floors are sealed on all sides and edges, and the surface is covered by a hardwearing UV-coating lacquer for maximum resistance to water and cleaning products.



KTL offers you both portable and fixed floor solutions. We see a trend towards portable sports floors because:

  • Our portable floor solutions have the same good features as our fixed floors such as optimal stability, high durability, and great performance.
  • Portable floors give you a flexible floor solution, perfect for large arenas with different flooring needs depending on the event.
  • Portable floors allow you to dismantle and remove the floor in case of floodings, or to bring the floor with you when you leave a leased arena.



Want a unique sports floor for your large arena? Our portable floors feature customized design; text, logos, colors, and patterns, allowing you to make the perfect sports floor for your sports arena.



High-level professional sports events call for high-quality sports flooring with ultimate performance standards. KTL sports floors designed for arena usage all feature:

  • Ultimate ball bounce
  • No friction failure and less injuries during fast ball games such as basketball.
  • Tested and conforms fully with international standards such as FIBA, IHF etc.

Large arenas

Large arenas are perfect settings for high-level professional sports events, exhibitions, and shows. Such events require a floor with ultimate performance and high loading capacity.

At KTL, we have many years of experience with providing high-quality sports floors for large arenas and the technical knowhow to guide you to the perfect floor for your sports arena.

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