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At KTL, we are dedicated to providing high quality sports floor solutions based on more than 30 years of experience combined with key technical knowhow and Danish expertise.

Proud Producers of High-Quality Sports Floor Systems

Our sport floor systems meet the most stringent demands from athletes on performance and safety. They are designed to be installed efficiently and securely for the installers. Furthermore, our floor systems are designed to benefit the owners by being:

Personalized Service Throughout the Whole Lifespan of Your Floor

We offer comprehensive technical support with full documentation, personalised service from the design phase to installation as well as supervisions. After-sales service is a key element for us, with continued technical advice and speedy support.

Providing Quality Sports Floors All Over the World

KTL provides quality sports flooring for venues all over the world. Currently, we are active on 5 continents, providing consultancy, sales/supply, and supervisions for more than 50 countries around the world.

However, every floor installation is unique, and due to our experience, we can offer unique flooring solutions that match local climatic conditions, ensuring you a well-performing and long-lasting flooring solution, no matter where you are.

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Technical information

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