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Take Your Handball to a Higher Level

- Improve Your Game with Quality Handball Flooring

Handball Floors for Performance, Safety, Durability and Easy Maintenance

A good sports floor is the base of every great sports performance. Get a sports floor designed for handball with benefits such as:

  • Wooden floorboards for a fast game with great ball bounce
  • Slip-resistant surface for preventing injuries such as rotational injuries, commonly seen in handball.
  • Great shock absorbency and homogeneity in the floor for better performance – on every inch of the floor.


At KTL, we have more than 30 years of experience with sports flooring. Therefore, we know what the requirements for a good handball floor are, and we have designed our handball floors to match your needs.


Improve Performance with the Perfect Handball Floor

Handball players need to be in control of the ball at all times. Our wooden floorboards have the perfect shock absorbency for a good ball bounce while at the same time allowing players to move around quickly and comfortably.

At the same time, our floor surfaces have just the right level of slip-resistance for the players to always be in full control of their game.

As a member of IHF (International Handball Federation), we are proud providers of quality handball floors that live up to all standards and requirements for professional level handball.


Handball Floors Made for a Safe Game

Safety is an important factor in handball. Our handball floors are designed to prevent injuries because:

  • The homogeneity of the floor prevents friction failure.
  • The shock absorbency of the floor protects players from impact injuries.
  • The floorboards come with tongue and groove along all four sides, leaving you with an extremely stabile floor.


Long-Lasting Handball Floors

KTL’s handball floors consist of 22 mm solid wooden floorboards covered by an extremely hard-wearing 9 mm wear-layer. This allows you to do several sandings and gives your handball floor an expanded lifespan of more than 50 years.

Furthermore, the floorboards come pre-lacquered with our special 7-layer UV-coating lacquer. This coating system complies with EN 14904 standards and offers an abrasion strength around 3 times higher than traditional on-site applied lacquer. We offer a 10-year warranty on the lacquer (at normal wear & tear).


Easy to Maintain

Our floorboards come fully glued including finger jointed stave joints, and sealed on all sides including ends, resulting in an exceptionally high resistance to water. This means that:

  • You can use water when cleaning and even let the floor soak for a bit if necessary (in opposition to most other wooden sports floor surfaces that are often very sensitive to water).
  • Floors are not sensitive to resin removers and cleaning products, so you can easily clean your handball floor thoroughly.
  • You will not experience any shrinkage or over-expansion – the combination of sealed floorboards and designed moisture content in the wood (adapted to your local climate) prevents extra seasonal maintenance.


Handball Floors for All Levels and Venues

Whether you are looking for a professional level handball floor or a multi-sport floor for your local multi-purpose hall, we have a floor to match your needs. Here, you can see our wide selection of handball floors allowing you to choose a handball floor that matches your needs and budget.

We offer both portable and fixed floor solutions, each with their benefits.


Portable Handball Floors

Our portable handball flooring solutions offer you a flexible solution perfect for large arenas with different flooring needs depending on the event. Furthermore, our portable floors allow you to customize floor design, logos, game lines, colors, patterns, and text. Read more about our portable floors here. (LINK til Portable Wooden Floors)


Fixed Handball Floors

A fixed floor solution is perfect for a sports arena or multi-purpose hall that does not need to be able to be moved. Our fixed floors require no on-site conditioning, making installation quick and easy. Read more about our fixed floor solutions here. (LINK til Fixed Wooden Floors)

Handball Floors with a High Loading Capacity for Heavy Seatings and Big Events

Handball Floors with High Performance Standards for Multi-Purpose Halls

Our handball cases

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