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Did you know that the right sports floor increases athletic performance and decreases the risk of injuries?

With more than 30 years of experience in sports flooring, we can guide you to the perfect floor solution for your needs.

KTL Sports Flooring introduce new look. Same Quality.

High-Quality Sports Flooring that brings the best out of every athelete.

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Why Choose a KTL Sports Floor Solution?

Prevent Shrinkage or Over-expansion

All floors in solid wood are designed to meet the humidity of your area, preventing cracks, shrinkage, and over-expansion.

Heavy Duty Portable System

Light weight Portable floor design for fast and easy installation with heavy duty loading capacity, with a surface assembled from finger jointed glued strips into single all-connected panels. 

Extremely Durable

Modern and extremely hardwearing 7-layers UV-coating system featuring 3 times higher abrasion strength vs traditional lacquers, and is why we offer 10years warranty.

Who We Are

At KTL, we are dedicated to providing high quality sports floor solutions based on more than 30 years of experience in sports floor systems combined with key technical knowhow and Danish innovation.

Proud Producers of High-Quality Sports Floor Systems

Our sport floor systems meet the most stringent demands from athletes on performance and safety. They are designed to be installed efficiently and securely for the installers. Furthermore, our floor systems are designed to be durable, maintenance-friendly, and long-lasting solutions for the benefit of the owners.

We offer comprehensive technical support with full documentation, personalised service from the design phase to installation as well as supervisions. Also After sales Service is a key element to us.

Our History

KTL was originally founded in 1966 as a sawmilling business and began exporting
timber in 1975. In the 1980s, we expanded our operations to include finger-jointing and lamination of wood, creating a wide range of flooring products. From here, we developed the KTL SPORTS FLOOR system, which now forms our core business.

Today KTL is among the market leaders within innovative sports floor solutions, including a wide range of unique easy-to-lay portable floor systems.

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