Technical Information

Fixed Floors

A KTL fixed sports floor solution is perfect for a sports arena, multi-purpose hall or dance studio that does not need to be able to be moved.

Features of Our Fixed Floor Solutions

  • Flexible floorboards with the strength of a solid plank.
  • Exceptionally high resistance to water, cleaning products, and resin removers due to the completely sealed floor surface, ends and edges.
  • All floor solutions are individually supplied with customized wood moisture to suit specific local climatic conditions, securing full stability and minimal movement in the boards.
  • 10 years of warranty on our 7-layers UV-coating system on the surface (at normal wear & tear). Our KTL coating lacquer complies with the EN 14904 standard and offers an abrasion strength around 3 times higher than traditional on-site applied lacquer.
  • Optional gloss levels – choose between low gloss, semi-gloss, glossy, and super-glossy.
  • Backside lacquered floorboards for optimal moisture stability.
  • No on-site conditioning required, making the installation quick and easy.

Technical information

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