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Kolding Halls, Denmark


– FlexiPRO 12

In the summer of 2020, KTL Floor installed a new sports floor in the impressive 3,000m2 hall.

The choice fell on KTL Floors ‘Rolls Royce’ wooden floor solution, where the 2-strip solid parquet in Hevea is fully glued to the elastic FlexiPRO 12 subfloor with built-in deformation control. The floor has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute and meets EN 14904 and is also approved by both the IHF and FIBA according to the latest 2020 rules.

With Hevea wood’s naturally high stability and the parquet board’s design and sealing, the market’s presumably highest moisture stability and resistance to washing water and resin removers is obtained in a wooden floor.

FlexiPRO 12 subfloor with continuous elastic rubber strips gives the floor high shock absorption, great homogeneity and a bearing capacity that easily withstands the load of the hall’s pull-out stands, as the floor is fully supported by the underlying concrete floor at a compression of 5mm.

Sport: Handball

The Kolding Halls are the base of KIF Kolding, a professional handball team playing in Denmark’s highest league. When the old floor got water damaged due to a cloudburst, director Torben Junker Andersen began looking for a floor with high performance qualities for the popular handball team.

”I came across the FlexiPRO 12 flooring system, and it turned out to be the right choice,” he explains.

A Great Floor for Professional Sports

The FlexiPRO 12 flooring system features good sporting functional properties such as high suspension and great ball bounce – perfectly suited for fast ballgames like handball at a professional level.

The wooden floorboards are glued to a plywood subfloor with great shock absorbency and resilience. Besides, the floor is extremely stabile although it is 3,000m2 (3 handball courts across) in size, Torben Junker Andersen explains.

For the handball matches, retractable seats are placed in the hall. The old floor could not cope with the load of the retractable seatings, but due to the new floor’s solid wood floorboards, the weight of the retractable seats is not a problem anymore.

Easy to Clean and Remove Resin

The floorboards of the FlexiPRO 12 flooring system are pre-coated with UV-laquer on all sides and ends, giving it high resistance to water, cleaning products, and resin removers.

”The floor is much easier to clean now! The floorboards can stay wet for longer, so we can let them soak a bit before washing. This is a great advantage, especially when it comes to removing resin from handballs,” Torben Junker Andersen says.

Installed in the Second Hall

After seeing the qualities of the FlexiPRO 12 floor, Torben Junker Andersen decided to also install the floor in the second hall of the Kolding Halls.

”We were so happy with the floor that there was no doubt in my mind: We needed to install the same type of floor in the second hall!” the director says.

This hall is primarily used for gymnastics, and the gymnasts report that the floor has good resilience and stability under foot. The floor easily copes with the weight of various trampolines etc.

”We are very satisfied with our floors and with the whole process – from finding the right floor to installing it. All agreements and deadlines were met. Therefore, I recommend the FlexiPRO 12 flooring system to everyone I met. Furthermore, I often showcase the floors to other hall directors considering a similar floor. Just do it, I say to them.”

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