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Floors Made with Sustainable Materials

We are focused on using sustainable materials for our floor systems. Therefore, we use:

Discarded Hevea Wood

This type of wood is known for its stability and low environmental impact. About 90 % of our wooden floor solutions are made of discarded Hevea plantation wood. Hevea brasiliensis, commonly known as rubberwood, is often found in Malaysian plantations as a cash crop planted for the harvest of its latex sap. However, when the latex produced by the tree dries up, the tree is chopped down for wood. We turn the discarded hevea trees into your next championship floor.

PEFC Certified Raw Materials

Our other types of wooden floors – beech, maple, oak, merbau, and ash – are made of PEFC certified wood. Additionally, our hevea wood comes from PEFC controlled sourced material, ensuring sustainable forest management.

Produced with Renewable Energy

Currently, our solar panels generate roughly 75% of all energy required in our production process. We are continually working to improve our internal energy management systems and reduce our overall energy consumption.

Built to Last – Floors with a Long Lifecycle

Our solid 22mm wooden floors have an expected lifespan of 50 years of use (in opposition to many other sports floor providers who expect a lifespan of around 20-25 years). The long lifespan of our floors prevents the additional carbon impact of more frequent floor replacements.

Recycle After Use

When your wooden floorboards are worn out, they can be recycled into other wood-based products, e.g., chipboards. This means that there is no negative CO2 impact in the life cycle* of the floor, as the material will not be burned.

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Technical information

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