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Floor for the Ultimate Basketball Performance

- Get a Basketball Floor Designed for Great Achievements

Looking for a basketball floor designed for great achievements?

A basketball floor with:

  • Perfect Ball Bounce
  • Great Shock Absorbency
  • High Stability and Homogeneity


At KTL, we offer a wide range of basketball floors for all levels – from professional to local basketball games – and all budgets. We provide both large arenas and local multi-purpose halls with high-quality basketball floors designed for durability, stability, and performance.

With our more than 40 years of experience in providing sports floors to arenas, halls, and studios all over the world, we have the experience and knowhow to provide you with the basketball floor tailored to your needs.


Basketball Floors Focused on Safety and Performance

Safety is an important factor when choosing a basketball floor. Here, stability under foot and a slip-resistant surface are recommended.

KTL’s basketball floors are all made from 22 mm solid wooden floorboards on your preferred underlay. This combination features:

  • Stability under foot and slip-resistant surface for safety while playing.
  • Perfect ball bounce and good distribution of weight for better performance.
  • Great shock absorbency giving you a comfortable base for your basketball game.
  • High homogeneity in the floor preventing dead spots and securing optimal performance on every inch of the floor.
  • Extraordinary loading capacity for heavy equipment such as backstop units.


Floors for All Levels of Basketball

Whether you are looking for a floor for professional level basketball games or a floor for basketball and other sports in your local multi-purpose hall, we have a floor that meets your requirements.



As an associated member of FIBA, most of our floor systems are approved for competition levels 1, 2, and 3.



Our basketball floors are tested and fully comply with the most stringent international standard tested by the Technological Institute of Denmark.

Basketball Floors with a Long Lifespan

The solid wooden floorboards are covered with a hard-wearing 9 mm wear-layer that allows for several sandings, giving your basketball floor a lifespan of more than 50 years.


Low Maintenance

Our unique 7-layer UV-coating seals the floorboards and protects them from scratches and normal wear & tear. Furthermore, the UV-coating makes the floor more resistant towards water, resin removers, and cleaning products, making the cleaning and maintenance of the floor much easier.

We offer 10-year warranty on the UV-coating.


Basketball Floors for Large Arenas

Do you need a basketball floor perfect for large arenas? Here, you can read more about our floors designed for arena usage.


Basketball Floors for Multi-Purpose Halls

Looking for a floor to elevate your basketball performance in a multi-purpose hall? Click on the floors and read more about their individual qualities.

Basketball Floors with a High Loading Capacity for Heavy Seating, and Big Events

Basketball Floors with High Performance Standards for Multi-Purpose Halls

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Technical information

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