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High-Quality Flooring for Multi-Purpose Halls

- Get a Floor Designed for Great Sports Performance

Unique Features of Our Floors Designed for Multi-Purpose Halls

At KTL, we are specialized in making high-quality sports floors for multi-purpose halls. Learn more about what our sports floors can do for your multi-purpose hall here or click on the floor that you want to read about in the box.

All floors on this page are specially designed for multi-purpose halls and all the sports and events that happen in them. Unique features of the multi-purpose hall floors are:


High Durability

It is not a small investment to get a new sports floor for your multi-purpose hall. Therefore, you need to make sure that your investment is worthwhile and will last for a long time.

KTL multi-purpose sports floors have a long lifespan because they are:

  • Constructed with solid 22mm floorboards covered with a 9 mm “wear layer” that allow for several sandings, leaving you with a lifespan of 50 years.

  • Covered by a modern and extremely hardwearing 7-layers UV-coating system with 10years warranty on the coating.

  • Designed to meet the humidity of your area, preventing cracks, shrinkage, and over-expansion.


Low Maintenance
Choose a floor that makes life in your multi-purpose hall easier. Our multi-purpose hall floors are easy to maintain because:

  • All KTL floors are sealed on all sides and edges, and the surface is covered by a hardwearing UV-coating lacquer. Therefore, the floors are very easy to clean.
  • The sealed surface of the floors allows you to use both water and resin remover while cleaning without any damage to the floor.


 Optimal Performance

Great sports performances call for high-quality sports flooring with good performance standards. KTL multi-purpose hall floors all feature:

  • Ultimate ball bounce

  • No friction failure and less injuries during fast ball games such as basketball.

  • Tested and conforms fully with EN14904. Furthermore, some of our multi-purpose floors also conform with international FIBA and IHF standards.



Is your next multi-purpose hall floor portable or fixed? At KTL, we see a trend towards portable sports floors for multi-purpose halls because:

  • Portable floors give you a flexible floor solution, perfect for all the different types of sports and events in multi-purpose halls.

  • Our portable floor solutions have the same good features as our fixed floors such as stability, durability, and great performance.


  • Portable floors allow you to dismantle and remove the floor in case of floodings, or to bring the floor with you when you leave a leased hall.


Good Loading Capacity

Sports events and equipment require a floor with good loading capacity. All KTL multi-purpose hall floors are designed to have a good loading capacity – the floorboards come with tongue and groove along all four sides, leaving you with an extremely stabile floor.

Customized Design

Want a unique sports floor for your multi-purpose hall? Our portable floors feature customized design; text, logos, colors, and patterns, allowing you to design the perfect sports floor for your multi-purpose hall.

Multi-purpose hall

A multi-purpose hall is a place to meet over a common passion for sports. At KTL, we offer the perfect base for your passion: High-quality, long-lasting wooden sports floors that improve sports performance while also being easy to clean.

Our wooden floors give you all the benefits of a wooden surface: Ultimate ball bounce, no friction failure, and a long lifespan. At the same time, you get a completely sealed surface that allows you to use both water and resin remover when cleaning the floor.

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