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Sports Floors Designed for Badminton

- Get the Perfect Badminton Sports Hall Flooring

Do you want a floor designed to optimize your badminton performance?

At KTL, we have more than 40 years of experience in sports flooring. Therefore, we have both the experience and knowhow to provide you with the perfect sports floor for badminton matches.

A quick sport like badminton requires a floor with:

  • High levels of slip resistance to avoid injuries.
  • Good shock absorbency to relieve joints.
  • Reasonable distribution of weight for optimal performance.


Badminton Floors for Safety, Comfort, and Performance

KTL sports floors are made to make all badminton matches safer – from professional level international matches to local amateur level badminton matches. Our floors feature:

  • Great shock absorbency, relieving your joints while you move, run, or jump.
  • Stability under foot and slip-resistant surface prevents you from slipping, falling, and getting injured.
  • Good distribution of weight, allowing you to play comfortably and perform better.


The perfect Base for Professional Level Badminton

As a member of BWF (Badminton World Federation), we are proud providers of professional level badminton flooring. Our floors live up to all standards and requirements in this category (LINK til Certificates and Approvals) and are a homogenous and highly stable base for your match. Just roll out your vinyl badminton court mat, and let the match begin!


Enjoy Your Badminton Floor for Many Years

KTL sports floors are made from solid 22 mm wooden floorboards. Covered by a hard-wearing 9 mm wear-layer, the floorboards allow for several sandings, giving your badminton floor a lifespan of more than 50 years.


Choose a Badminton Floor That Is Easy to Clean

All KTL sports floors are covered with our unique 7-layer UV-coating that protects your badminton floor surface from scratches and normal wear & tear.

At the same time, the sealed surface makes your badminton floor resistant towards water and cleaning products, making it easy to clean and maintain.

We offer a 10-year warranty on our UV-coating.


Badminton Floors for Large Arenas

Do you need a professional level badminton court in a large arena? At KTL, we offer a wide range of flooring solutions for large arenas.


Badminton Floors for Multi-Purpose Halls

Want a versatile floor designed for optimal performance in both badminton and other sports in your multi-purpose hall? KTL provides quality flooring systems for all types of multi-purpose halls.

Badminton Floors with a High Loading Capacity for Heavy Seatings and Big Events

Badminton Floors with High Performance and Low Maintenance Standards

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Technical information

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