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Multiflex Advanced V2

Our MULTIFLEX ADVANCED V2 sports floor is an area-elastic floor system that features good performance and loading capacities.

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Designed for

Multi-purpose halls and studio usage with focus on ball games, badminton, and gymnastics.

Unique Features


Leveled concrete or existing wood/synthetic sports floor.

Available Wood Species


MultiFlex Advanced V2

7-layers coating system (pre-finished)

22x130mm solid hardwood flooring boards

Machine nails, 2.2 x 45mm.

MFA battens, 20x48mm, with integrated 10mm elastic layer




FIBA, IHF, BWF, ISO 9001, PEFC, EN14904, class A4


Test method EN Standards EN 14904 Class A4 Test results
Shock absorption [%] EN 14904:2006 55-75 59
Standard deviation [mm] EN 14904:2006 2.3-5.0 2.5
Ball rebound [%] EN 12335:2004 ≥ 90 94
Rolling load [N] EN 1569 Min. 1500 > 1500
Friction EN 13036-4 80 – 110 80-110
Loading capacities      
Loading Capacity [kN] EN 1533 5.0
Loading Cap. [kN/m2] 5.0

Good Performance Sports Floor for Multi-Purpose Use

KTL Multiflex Advanced V2 is an area-elastic sports floor, based on 22mm solid hardwood boards, nailed to a resilient 1-layer batten system.

The floor is designed for multi-purpose halls, and its progressive shock absorbency and good resiliency makes Multiflex Advanced V2 very suitable for ball games, badminton, and gymnastics. Moreover, the good loading capacity of the floor makes it suitable for events.

The floor is tested and conforms fully to EN 14904, Class A4, BWF Grade 1 International Elite and FIBA 2020 Level 1 (FIBA License no.: WF73-02).

Batten System with Progressive Shock Absorbency
The battens feature built-in progressive shock absorbency, securing resilience at both low and heavy dynamic impacts. The combination of hardwood boards and the resilient the batten system below gives the Multiflex Advanced V2 sports floor system great stability under the foot as well as high ball bounce.

Customized Moisture Content
The Multiflex Advanced V2 system comes with a customized moisture content with tight tolerances to suit the individual climatic conditions in your area. This means that the floorboards are installed without gaps, and yet prevent shrinkage and overexpansion of the floor area.

Long Lifespan and Superior Durability
As the floors can be sanded several times, KTL’s floor systems, including the Multiflex Advanced V2 system, have an expected lifespan of 50 years.

The durability of the floors is due partly to the prefinished 7-layers UV-lacquer coating with 10 years of warranty (at normal wear & tear) – and partly to the finger jointed, glued stave joints, glued center joint, sealed board ends, and waxed edges, giving the floor boards the strength of a solid plank.

Exceptionally high resistance to water, cleaning products, and resin removers due to the combination of completely sealed floor surface and treated board ends and edges.

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Technical information

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