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The PRO III Sports Floor is an area-elastic floor system that features very high performance and loading capacities. The floor is ideal over uneven subfloors, using the KTL leveling wedge system.

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Designed for

Arenas and multi-purpose halls, including ball games, badminton, and gymnastics at the highest level.

Unique Features


Uneven concrete or subfloor.

Available Wood Species



7-layers coating system (pre-finished)

22x130mm solid hardwood flooring boards

Machine nails, 2.2 x 45mm.

PRO III LVL battens, 45x58mm, with integrated shock pads every 750mm

Total construction height: 76mm excluding wedges

Optional: KTL wedge system or other solid packing




FIBA, IHF, ISO, PEFC, EN14904, class A4


Test method EN Standards EN 14904 Class A4 Test results
Shock absorption [%] EN 14904:2006 55-75 62
Standard deviation [mm] EN 14904:2006 2.3-5.0 2.8
Ball rebound [%] EN 12335:2004 ≥ 90 96
Rolling load [N] EN 1569 Min. 1500 > 1500
Friction EN 13036-4 80 – 110 80-110
Loading capacities      
Loading Capacity [kN] EN 1533 6.0
Loading Cap. [kN/m2] 6.0

High-Performance Sports Floor for Uneven Subfloors

PRO III is a high-performance single layer batten sports floor system, installed over uneven concrete.

This floor is designed to provide the best conditions for ball games, badminton, and gymnastics at the highest level.

Maximum Loading Capacity
The PRO III sports floor system features extreme stability due to the 22mm solid hardwood 2-strip parquet boards, nailed to a resilient 1-layer batten system. The floor has a very high shock absorbency due to the elastic shock pads with built-in deformation control, securing maximum loading capacity – also for heavy equipment such as stages or retractable seatings.

This makes the PRO III system very suitable for large sports and event arenas, particularly arenas with an uneven subfloor.

Designed for Sports at the Highest Level
High shock absorbency and ultimate stability under the foot makes this floor perfect for sports games at the highest level. As an area-elastic sports floor with a wide area of deformation under pressure, PRO III secures ultimate ball bounce and prevents friction failure and injuries during fast ball games. Therefore, the PRO III system is perfect for a basketball floor for games at the highest level.

This floor is tested and comply with both EN 14904, Class A4 and FIBA 2020 Level 1 (FIBA License no.: WF73-03).

Can Be Levelled According to Your Needs
With the KTL leveling system, the PRO III sports floor can be levelled according to your needs. Total construction height of the floor is 76 mm, but in combination with KTL wedges, the floor system can easily be raised to 96-156mm. Consequently, PRO III is very applicable for uneven subfloors.

Outstanding Durability
Pre-coated with the unique KTL 7-layers UV-lacquer, the floorboards feature exceptionally high resistance to water, cleaning products, and resin removers. The coating comes with 10 years of warranty (at normal wear & tear), complies with the EN 14904 standard, and offers an abrasion strength around 3 times higher than traditional on-site applied lacquer.

As the floor can be sanded several times, it has a lifespan of around 50 years.

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Technical information

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