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FlexiPRO 21 is an area-elastic subfloor system, which in combination with a floor covering of Polyurethane (PU), Vinyl (PVC), Lino or even Weathertex boards can be transformed into a sports floor with specific performance characteristics, tailored to your needs.

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Large arenas, multi-purpose halls, and dance/yoga studios, in combination with the right synthetic floor coverings.

Unique Features


Leveled concrete or existing wood/synthetic sports floor.

Available Wood Species

Birch Plywood

FlexiPRO 21 – subfloor
21mm birch plywood (subfloor)
EvaZote strips in 11/8mm, recessed up into grooves
Total construction height: 26mm, incl. elastic strips.



EN14904, class A4, C4


Test method EN Standards EN 14904 Class A4 Test results
Shock absorption [%] EN 14904:2006 55-75 59
Standard deviation [mm] EN 14904:2006 2.3-5.0 2.9
Ball rebound [%] EN 12335:2004 ≥ 90 97
Rolling load [N] EN 1569 Min. 1500 > 1500
Friction EN 13036-4 80 – 110 80-110
Loading capacities      
Loading Capacity [kN] EN 1533 > 5.0
Loading Cap. [kN/m2]

The Ultimate Subfloor for Synthetic Sports Floors

The FlexiPRO 21 Sub Floor System consists of panels in 21mm birch plywood with special profiles jointed by edge gluing and installed over even subfloors.

The base floor features progressive shock absorbency and ultimate loading capacity, making the FlexiPRO 21 Sub Floor System suitable for both large arenas, multi-purpose halls, and studio use, depending on the synthetic floor covering.

Designed to Increase Shock Absorbency of Synthetic Sports Floors
The 3-step rubber strip system on the backside gives the FlexiPRO 21 Sub Floor System progressive shock absorbency.

Combined with a polyurethane (PU), vinyl (PVC), or linoleum top floor, this sports floor will feature high shock absorbency, activated by even low impacts, for example from children. Further characteristics will be good ball bounce and stability, making the floor ideal for multi-functional use with focus on ball games, badminton and gymnastics.

Ultimate Loading Capacity
The combination of progressive shock absorbency, high stability, and deformation control in this subfloor gives FlexiPRO 21 ultimate loading capacity, making it very suitable for large sport and event arenas.

Great Elasticity
The elastic plywood subfloor secures good elasticity under the foot of both children and adults playing on the floor.

The FlexiPRO 21 Sub Floor System can be used as both area elastic floor and combi elastic floor in combination with synthetic floor covering.

As part of an area-elastic floor, FlexiPRO 21 offers high shock absorbency, making it more comfortable to play on the sports court and reducing the risk of injuries. The subfloor is tested and complies with EN 14904 – Class A4 as subfloor in combination with a 2-4mm non resilient synthetic floor covering.

As part of a combi elastic floor, FlexiPRO 21 features good shock absorbency and stability. The subfloor is tested and complies with EN 14904 – Class C4, with a 6-9mm synthetic flooring covering in Vinyl or PU.

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