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Did you know that the right sports floor increases athletic performance?

Let us guide you to the perfect floor for your sport.

Find the perfect floor for your sport. At KTL, we offer a wide range of sports floors, all made with solid hardwood floorboards that are both durable and resilient. All our floors are designed to elevate your sports performance and provide a stable and safe base for your sport.

We have more than 30 years of experience in sports flooring and know what each sport requires from a floor.


A quality all-round sports floor for many different types of sports.


Stability under foot is an important factor for badminton players who move around quickly on the badminton court.


Great ball bounce and good loading capacity for heavy equipment such as backstop units are important features of a basketball floor.


For handball, homogeneity of the floor is key, so players have full control of the ball at all times.


A good volleyball floor has high shock absorbency to protect players’ joints when jumping or leaping for the ball.


For dancers, a homogenous and slip-resistant floor surface helps them to be in full control and avoid friction failure.


Resilience matters when it comes to fitness floors that are often subject to full days of workout classes and heavy fitness equipment.

Technical information

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