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Dance Floors for Ultimate Performance & Durability

- Quality Floors for the Optimum Dance Experience

 Choose the right floor for your dance studio to elevate your dance experience and performance.

At KTL, we have more than 30 years of experience with sports flooring. Therefore, we know that performance, safety, and durability are the most important qualities in a dance floor.

KTL provides quality dance floors for all levels and budgets, from professional level dance floors and larger multi-use halls to local dance studios.


Unique Features of Our Dance Floors

The quality of the dance floor is an important factor for dancers. Therefore, our dance floors are designed to meet the needs of dancers:


Performance of the Dance Floor

The dance floor is the base of a good dance experience and should elevate the dance performance. KTL dance floors feature:

  • 22 mm solid hardwood floorboards for high stability under foot.

  • Great homogeneity in the floor allowing dancers to use every inch of the floor.

  • Area-elastic floor surface letting dancers move around quickly and effortlessly.


Safety of the Dance Floor
Safety is another important feature of dance floors, whether they are designed for professional dancers or non-professional dance enthusiasts. KTL dance floors offer:

  • Slip-resistant surface to prevent friction failure.

  • Good shock absorbency to protect dancers’ joints.

  • Good distribution of weight, allowing you to jump, leap, and roll with lesser risk of injury.


Durability of the Dance Floor

At KTL, we know that flooring is an important investment. Therefore, our floors are designed to last:

  • 9 mm wear-layer allowing for several sandings and giving your dance floor a lifespan of approximately 50 years.

  • 10 years of warranty on our 7-layer UV-coating system on the surface with an abrasion strength 3 times higher than traditional on-site applied lacquer.

  • Customized moisture content suited to the individual climatic conditions in your area preventing shrinkage or over-expansion of your dance floor, leaving you with an even surface at all times.


Dance Floors That Are Easy to Maintain

Choose a dance floor that is easy to maintain. KTL floorboards are completely sealed, allowing you to use both water and cleaning products on your dance floor.


Let Us Guide You to the Perfect Dance Floor

With our many years of experience in sports flooring, we can guide you the dance floor that matches your needs.

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Technical information

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