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Vallekilde-Hoerve Culture & Sports Centre, Denmark


– FlexiPRO 12

KTL Floor has delivered a total of 1,300m2 of sports flooring to hall 2 in VHKI, Hoerve.

After a careful screening of possible solutions such as a new coating over the 30-year-old PU flooring, the choice fell on KTL FLoors Rolls Royce wooden floor system FlexiPRO 12 coated with 22mm solid Hevea.

The Hevea parquet boards are fully glued to the resilient FlexiPRO subfloor, which with a progressive shock absorption ensures springing in the floor for both children and adults, and maximum bearing capacity against rolling and static load influences.

As a multi-purpose hall, Vallekilde-Hoerve Culture & Sports Centre is used by athletes of many different types of sports. Therefore, they needed a high-quality floor suitable for different types of sports and events.

“When this hall was built back in 1996, the floor was comprised of a thin layer of polyurethane and a thin pad laid directly on the concrete foundation. Therefore, the shock absorbency was close to none, and particularly our badminton and handball players did not like this floor, as it would make their legs and joints sore,” says Lars Sjelborg, Manager at Vallekilde-Hoerve Culture & Sports Center.

New Floor with High Shock Absorbency and the Perfect Height

In the summer of 2021, a new floor – FlexiPRO 12 – was laid on top of the old PU floor. The FlexiPRO 12 flooring system features progressive shock absorbency and resilience due to the 3-step compression features of the plywood subfloor mounted under hevea wooden floorboards.

This flooring system was chosen because of its ultimate performance and high loading capacity, making it the perfect floor for a sports & culture centre. But there were also some practical considerations with the new sports floor, Lars Sjelborg explains:

“A traditional wooden sports floor would be installed on battens. However, this would increase the height of the floor too much, leaving us with doors that would not be able to open. Instead, we chose the FlexiPRO 12 flooring system with the plywood subfloor. Now, our sports floor has the perfect height AND we get all the benefits of the plywood subfloor. None of our athletes experience sore legs or joints due to the floor anymore.”

“A Drastic Upgrade”

Lars Sjelborg describes the FlexiPRO 12 floor as a drastic upgrade of their sports facilities due to its shock absorbency and ball reflection qualities.

“When we need to change the sports floor of the second hall, I will definitely consider a hevea floor again. The athletes are happy with our floor, and it is very easy to clean and maintain for us,” he explains, and then adds:

“Even the collaboration and installation went well. The floor was laid within the predefined deadline, and there was mutual respect and responsiveness when it came to our considerations and challenges. I am very satisfied with the whole process.”

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