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Naesby Halls, Denmark


– FlexiPRO 12

KTL Floor has installed 1,060m2 of solid Hevea sports flooring on a FlexiPRO 12 subfloor. This is a significant upgrade of the sport’s functional properties of the floor, compared to the old PU floor, which now functions as a subfloor.

For example, the floor’s shock absorption has gone from an estimated 20% before to now 60%.

It is obviously something the players can feel.

Sports: Multi sports, Badminton, basketball, håndbold, volley, futsal, gymnastic, dance

The Naesby Halls had an old rubber floor from 1992 when Klaus Pedersen became Hall Manager.  However, Klaus Pedersen wanted wooden flooring for his multi-purpose halls, knowing that a wooden floor would drastically increase the shock absorbency qualities of the floor.

“Wooden floors are really good for sports. They have great suspension and are more elastic, preventing injuries,” Klaus Pedersen explains.

High-Quality Floor with a Lifespan of 50+ Years

“When I saw the FlexiPRO 12 flooring system, I had no doubt that this was the right choice for us,” Klaus says, and then elaborates: “It is high quality. The floorboards are made from real hevea wood and not composite or engineered wood. Therefore, you can polish the floor many times during its lifespan.”

Due to the solid wooden floorboards, this type of sports floor has a lifespan of 50+ years, making it one of the most durable wooden sports floors on the market.

“The FlexiPRO 12 floor system is really good value for money. I have already recommended it to others, and I will happily do it again.”

Three times per week, the floors of the Naesby Halls are washed with water and resin remover. However, the wear and tear of the washing and usage of the floor is not even visible, according to Klaus Pedersen. This is partly due to the hardwood quality of the hevea floorboards and partly due to the completely sealed floor surface of the floor.

Great Performance for All Sports

The Naesby Halls are used by a variety of athletes for many different sports, ranging from handball and badminton to gymnastics. During daytime, local schools use the halls, but the halls are also sometimes used by Odense’s Handball Team (Champions League).

“Our FlexiPRO 12 flooring system offers great shock absorbency to both children and adults,

great ball bounce and stability. Therefore, we are very happy with our floor,” Klaus Pedersen says, and then adds:

“I fought for a wooden floor for a long time, and I finally got it. It makes me smile every time I look at the floor.”

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Technical information

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