Technical Information

Marbella –Serrano Lima Sport hall, Spain


– Floor system PRO II V2

Marbella Serrano Lima Sport Hall is an impressive multi-purpose sports facility, particularly tailored for basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. The use of a solid KTL Hevea flooring system over the PRO II V2 sports batten system indicates a commitment to providing a high-quality sports surface that ensures excellent functional performance for users of all ages, from children to professionals, including maintenance gymnastics for the elderly.

Here are some key features highlighted:

Flooring System: The use of KTL Hevea flooring over the PRO II V2 sports batten system suggests a commitment to providing a durable and performance-oriented surface for athletes. This is essential for ensuring a safe and conducive environment for sports at all levels.

Size and Versatility: The sports hall boasts a substantial area of 1600m2, making it suitable for various sports and activities.

Focus on Specific Sports: With a focus on basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics, the facility appears to cater to a diverse range of sporting interests

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Technical information

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