Riberhus Privat School, Denmark 

In the new, spectacular hall in Ribe, we have installed a solid hardwood sports floor in Hevea on Multiflex Advanced Battens.

The project includes a Sports Hall as well as a Multipurpose room; totally 960m2 with 10 courts. KTL’s Multiflex Advanced battens are installed on levelled concrete with moisture barrier and has a total building height of 52mm.

Ventilated skirtings secure that the subfloor can “breathe”. The boards installed is Hevea, a very strong and robust wood specie from plantations. Its wood technical properties are almost the same as for Teak.

The parquet boards have glued finger-joints, a 7-layer lacquer system as well as sealed board ends and ensures the market’s most moisture-resistant wooden floor within the sports segment.

Congratulations to Riberhus Private School with the new sports facilities.



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