Sports floors with vinyl

Based on basic floors, made from Birch plywood, our product range includes a number of sports floor systems with vinyl top floor, offering a high performance, designed for use on top of different sub-floors and construction heights.

The sports vinyl covering comes in rolls from leading producers and is available in thicknesses from 5 to 6.5mm according to requirement, fully glued + welded to the basic floor with maximum resistance to water, cleaning products and resin removers.

Our combi-elastic sports floors with vinyl covering are characterized by high point elasticity with optimum resistance to light loads, e.g. from children.

  • a moderate to high ball reflection
  • high resistance to moisture and good loading capacity of area loads
  • limited strength towards rolling loads, point loads and chair legs respectively


Produkter over Sport Vinylgulve

COMB I + Sportsvinyl

FlexiPro 21 + Sportsvinyl

Optifloor + Sportsvinyl

COMB III + Sportsvinyl
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