Reference projects – Sports floors in Europe

Palacio de los Deportes, Madrid 

750m2 of Portable PRO Summit

Pista Cartagena, Spain

1,175 m2 of Hevea Premium PRO II

Hvidebaek Sports Hall

Solid Beech, 1,100m2, on KTL PRO III 2-layer…

DGI Panter Vordingborg

Mobile floor, 630m2, KTL Portable PRO

Gentofte Sports Hall

Engineered Ash, 4,100m2 on COMB III system

Haarby Sports Hall

1,200m2 solid Hevea on PRO III + seating section…..

Blaakilde Efterskole

Wooden floor in Oak, 1,100m2, on MFA battens

SG House Svendborg

Solid Ash Premium, 2,800m2, on PRO II batten …

Hedehus Sports Hall

Hevea 1.000m2 installed on PRO III 2-layer

Broby Sports College

Solid Hevea, 1,030m2, on MultiFlex Advanced

Firhoej Sports Hall

Solid Beech, 1,100m2, on KTL PRO III 2-layer

Hornsyld Gymnastic hall

420m2 Sports Vinyl on FlexiPRO 21 in this hall

Haderslev Sports Hall

Solid Ash, 1,100m2, on MultiFlex Advanced

Goerlev Sports Hall

Solid Beech, 800m2, on KTL PRO III 2-layer …

Kelvin Hall Glasgow

Reflex ProSport installed in this impressive ….

Churchill Olympia

Hevea ProSport, 1,000m2 solid hardwood flooring..

Consett Academy

Solid Hevea ProSport, 1,925m2, installed ..

Hebburn Newcastle

Hevea ProSport by Relex Sports Ltd. installed…..

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