Southland Center Illinois

KTL Portable PRO Summit in beech wood was installed at Southland Center HO-CHUNK NATION, Lynwood, IL, USA.

In this impressive sports facility the artificial turf at the indoor soccer pitch will in the future be converted into a Basketball and Volleyball Mecca every summer from May through to October.

KTL Portable PRO Summit system covers the entire area of 215’ x 180’ = 38,700 ft2 / 65,4 x 55,0 =3,600m2 and contains no less than 8 basketball and 10 volleyball courts.

During the winter season the floor will be placed in a storage room, allowing the soccer players to enjoy the indoor artificial turf.

The optimum solution in utilizing your sports facility!

Congratz to both Southland Center HO-CHUNK NATION, Patriot Design and FitnessFlooring and thank you for a great cooperation through the project.

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