COMB III + Sports Vinyl


jA combi-elastic sports floor with a base floor of birch ply or chip board, screwed to an elastic 2-layer batten system. Total building height, incl. top floor and without packings: 73mm Building height including packings: up to 200mm.

The sports functional characteristics feature high shock absorbency and resilience, cómbined with medium stability under foot, is designed primarily for sports, with focus on ball games such as volley and handball.

Testet and approved acc. to EN 14904, Class C4.

• Sports vinyl, 6.5mm, alternatively 5 mm
• Sports base floor in 16mm chip board (alt. birch ply)
• Loading battens
• Swing battens
• Resilient shock pads
• Possible packings: wedges/plywood
• Moisture barrier

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