Unique Sports Floor Systems

With our range of sports flooring, you get unique chances to find the best possible solution to your specific requirement, depending on use, demands for capacity and maintenance – and of course economy.

You can choose between different wood species for your top floor and obtain excellent sports functional properties, depending on the subfloor that you choose.

In the design phase, the resilient sub-constructions were optimized with homogeneous characteristics and use of components with high performance and well documented properties to secure the sports functional features and loading capacities throughout the lifetime of the floor.

Choosing a new sports floor is a big and often complex decision to make. There are many considerations to make as well as demands from the users to consider. In the following pages you can read more about each individual sports floor system and its characteristics – or you can have a look at the check-list.

You are most welcome to contact us if you need our advice.

All KTL flooring is tested and approved according to EN 14904 – the European Standard for Sports Flooring, and both Portable and fixed sports floor systems all meet FIBA level 1 requirements.


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